No matter how much swagger he has on the outside, when a guy is ready to score, he can’t help but wonder what his new and exciting partner is going to think when the pants hit the floor. While most studies show that women are generally satisfied with their partner’s penis, men are often concerned that they somehow don’t measure up. The truth is that every erect penis has its own character, from bends or curves to variations in color to oddities in shapes and size; and while a man may be hyper-focused on these, women tend to take them in stride, as demonstrated by the comments below. These real women tell what they really think about their guy’s package, and as readers will see, their comments have more to do with a guy’s level of hygiene than anything else - something for men to keep in mind when it comes to the daily penis care routine.

Laura, age 27: "I was with this one guy, and he was really sweet, but really shy. Before we even hooked up the first time, he was sort of apologetic - talked about how he was really small. But when we finally did it, he was totally average in size, and he had the smoothest, nicest skin. He was really a considerate lover, so the sex was great. I just wish he’d had a little more self-confidence."

Natalie, age 31: " The first time we were together, I was kind of shocked when my boyfriend took his clothes off. He looked really small when he was soft, but once we got going, you would not believe how long and hard he got. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised."

Emma, age 24: " I met this really gorgeous guy at a party, and we went out a couple times after that. We fooled around a little with our clothes on, but the last time, I unzipped his jeans, and the smell was just really rank. I really couldn’t go any further and made an excuse to get out of there. I mean come on, how hard is it to take a shower and clean up a little bit?"

Mackenzie, age 23: " My fiancé has a really nice penis - not too big, but plenty to get the job done. When we first got together, though, he had this huge thatch of hair, which I thought was kind of nasty. After we’d been dating for a while, I sort of hinted around a little bit, and he’s been keeping it trimmed short since then. Big difference, and he was happy, too - it actually looks bigger without that big bush of hair."

Stephanie, age 33: "The best experience I ever had was with a guy who had a pretty long penis that sort of bent downward a little bit. I think he was sort of self-conscious about it, but the way it curved, it hit me in all the right places and felt really great!"

Anya, age 32: " My boyfriend has a sort of interesting penis - the head is really big and sort of mushrooms out at the top. Nothing like I’ve seen before, but it feels so good - I wouldn’t trade it for anything!"

Janissa, age 30: " I had a partner once who was seriously huge, which was nice, but when he got going really hard, it would hurt a lot afterward - like it actually hurt to walk. We joked about it, but I can tell you that smaller guys are definitely easier to work with, if you know what I mean."

Obviously, most of these women were enthusiastic about what their man had to offer, regardless of any little quirks or oddities - so keep in mind that if she likes a guy enough to go there, chances are she will like everything about him, so there’s no need to be self-conscious; just learn to enjoy the moment.

What is truly important is making sure it is as clean, fresh, and healthy as it can be, so make sure to do her the courtesy of showering before the big reveal, and consider keeping the hair trimmed to a reasonable level - most women will appreciate the effort.

To keep the skin soft, smooth and touchable, opt for a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) formulated with vitamins A, C, and D for vibrant, responsive skin, as well as a high-end moisturizer for a smooth and even texture.