Nudism - or naturism, as many call it - is a growing trend, which means that men who enjoy public baring of the body (in the right place at the right time, of course) need to be more aware than ever of the need to maintain a healthy penis. Practicing acceptable penis care can help to ensure that a guy makes a favorable impression when socially nude, whether it’s just with one special person or a group of like-minded folks. The desire to make a good impression may be especially true when naked dining is on the menu - and the following tips can help the novice nude nosher know what to do to present himself at his best.

Duet dining is different than dining with a group. Although some rules apply in any situation, keep in mind that some rules that are definite for dining publicly may be bent or omitted altogether when experiencing a cozy dinner for two. When in doubt, however, err on the side of etiquette.

In public, try to keep things down. Erections happen and are a part of the naturist lifestyle; however, there’s a different between a man who has simply become firm and a man who is sporting a raging erection that is begging for release. The latter may be welcome at a private dinner in one’s own home, but it is frowned upon at a nudist eating establishment. If this occurs at the wrong time, visualizing a less-than-tantalizing situation may be the "downer" that is needed to get things under control.

Use towels and napkins. Hygiene and health are important, so sitting on a towel is a must. By the same token, placing a napkin on the lap ensures that no messy crumbs or sticky sauces spill upon one’s member.

Watch the hot stuff. No, that isn’t a reference to the manhood - it’s a reference to things that can spill on the manhood. Even with a napkin, very hot soup, for example, can turn an otherwise healthy penis into an unhappy - or even permanently scarred - remembrance of the experience.

Be careful about reaching. Miss Manners tells people that reaching is rude; when dining in the buff, it can also be unsanitary. Men tend to sweat, and reaching across a table while shirtless means that perspiration from the exposed underarm can more readily plop upon the table, the plates, the food - or even a dining companion. Men should ask to have far-off dishes passed to them, instead.

Be part of the feast - when alone. If dining nude in the privacy of one’s home, let the experience become an erotic escapade. Plan meals in which foods can be applied to the penis, the breasts, and other body parts and consumed by the partner. In general, this means using foods that have a "spreadable" consistency, such as dips or soft, fleshy fruits. It’s also important that the food is neither too hot not too cold. Spiciness should also be avoided, as that can have a negative effect on sensitive skin. And, of course, any foods to which one or both partners are allergic should be off the list altogether.

Clean your plate. When dining privately and snacking on foods that cover a partner’s body part, be sure to eat it all - or else to wipe it off when done. Dried food on the penis or vagina is unpleasant and uncomfortable. And clean the penis after eating and before engaging in intercourse, as leftover food may irritate the vagina.

Naked dining can be a liberating and enjoyable experience - and will be even more so if a man has a healthy penis that he can present without shame. Regularly using a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be an important part of a personal care regimen. When a man uses a crème with vitamin C, he’s doing his penis a big favor. Vitamin C encourages collagen production, which in turn is one of the building blocks of penis tissue firmness. Be sure that the chosen crème also includes vitamin B5, which helps to maintain healthy penis skin as well as enhance penis cell metabolism. Use of Man1 Man Oil puts a man’s penis on the road to looking impressively healthy.