Boxers or briefs? The great underwear debate has been going on for decades, yet it’s usually framed as a comfort and sex appeal issue. That’s fine, but it ignores the "healthy penis" issue, which should also be taken into consideration when deciding what wrapping to add to one’s package With matters of appropriate penis care in mind, the following offers some things to contemplate when picking out the day’s underwear.

What’s the temperature?

A man’s crotch is often the hottest area on his body. That’s due to a number of factors, including the presence in many men of a very dense thicket of pubic hair and the fact that the equipment is typically kept beneath two layers of clothing (trousers and underwear). Add to this the fact that blood rushing into the penis for those frequent erections increases the heat, and it’s easy to see why a guy’s groin is usually a tropical zone.

Excess heat can be uncomfortable, of course, but it’s also not the best for maintaining a healthy penis. Higher groin heat is associated with lower sperm counts, for one thing. It also adds to the penis odor problem many men already have and creates a situation where heat rashes and other dermatological issues can arise.

With that in mind, men may want to opt for looser, lightweight cotton boxers during the summer months and save tighter, heat-prone briefs and boxer briefs for colder times and climes.

Is protection needed?

Sometimes a guy needs special protection for his guys - for example, if he’s engaging in sports activities in which extra support is needed. An athletic cup is typically recommended for such instances; however, jocks who use a jock should remember that the necessary "scrunching" effect adds to the heat issue described above - and increases the risk of developing the problems above. It’s advisable to wear the jock only during the time in which one is being athletically active and switch to something more comfortable later. Also, it’s absolutely essential that athletic supporters (or any underwear habitually worn during athletic activity) are laundered after each use.

Is visibility a factor?

Sometimes a guy wants to show off his bulge; other times he’d rather not. The tightness of the trousers is a huge factor here, but underwear choice can also be important. Guys wanting to show off what they have may opt to go commando. Short term, that can be fine. Long term, however, forcing the penis to rub against rough fabrics can cause irritation that can damage the skin or cause some loss of sensitivity. Similarly, some men find that their excited members can push out of the fly in traditional boxers. When this visible boner occurs during an important presentation at work, it can be a distraction - and can cause penile irritation. Opting for a more secure brief or boxer brief may be the better answer for such situations.

What about humidity?

This can be even more difficult to work around than mere heat. Loose boxers can become drenched with sweat, causing discomfort. With briefs, sweat may pool around the leg elastics, causing chafing. As mentioned above, going without underwear can create skin irritation; in a humid situation, the lack of an extra layer of clothing may also make penis odor more noticeable. For a healthy penis, the best bet is to find the lightest underwear possible and carry spares, so a guy can change two or three times a day as needed.

Underwear choice helps promote a healthy penis, but that’s not enough. A first-rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is also needed. Penis odor will take a blow if a crème containing vitamin A is regularly applied, due to vitamin A’s potent anti-bacterial properties. In addition, a crème with Shea butter and vitamin E, two top-notch hydrators, can help keep the skin properly moist, thereby dealing with penile skin irritation. And if loss of sensitivity occurs, a crème with neuroprotective acetyl L-carnitine is just what is needed to help restore sensation.