The health consciousness movement has helped increase awareness of the importance of vitamin D, but many men do not realize that this vitamin plays a role in maintaining a healthy penis. Indeed, appropriate attention to penis health includes making sure one has adequate levels of vitamin D. But why is this and how does one get this crucial vitamin?

About Vitamin D

Like all other vitamins, vitamin D is a chemical that the body uses to maintain its proper and healthy functioning. Various vitamins fulfill various functions in the body, with some targeting specific areas. Sometimes there is overlap between the benefits provided by different vitamins.

Vitamin D is unique and unlike other vitamins in a very special way. Other vitamins have to be absorbed from the foods and liquids that a person ingests (or from specific supplements that include those vitamins). While it is possible to get vitamin D from these traditional methods, most vitamin D is created by a person's own body in direct response to sunlight.

Once the body absorbs sunlight and creates vitamin D, it sends it along to the liver, which then converts it into a useable form that more easily and directly provides benefits to the body.

What does vitamin D do?

Vitamin D is often linked with calcium as the duo that does the most work in building strong bones. While it is true that maintaining bone health is one of vitamin D's biggest contributions to the body, it's hardly the only benefit provided by this mighty vitamin.

Among the other processes affected by vitamin D are the body's ability to fight infection and maintain respiratory wellness, cardiac health, cerebral health and the proper functioning of the muscle system. Vitamin D is sometimes called a "miracle vitamin" because of its effectiveness in fighting disease and enabling cell functionality.

What about the healthy penis?

Vitamin D helps keep the entire body in good health, which has benefits for the penis. For example, maintaining cardiovascular health is essential for promoting proper blood flow, which is vital to penis health.

Vitamin D is also linked with testosterone development; low levels of vitamin D typically correspond to low levels of testosterone. When a man has low testosterone, his sex drive is typically negatively impacted.

In addition, vitamin D is known to play a role in the creation of dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that are important for the maintenance of a good mood and contentment. When these are impacted, a man can feel stressed or depressed, which can also have an effect on his romantic relationships.

Getting vitamin D

As mentioned above, being exposed to sunlight enables the natural creation of vitamin D. Because of this, vitamin D levels tend to vary significantly from one season to the next; those who live in areas with harsh winters tend to get less sunlight than they do in summer, and therefore less vitamin D.

It is possible to get a small amount of vitamin D through diet. Many fish and fish products, such as cod liver oil, herring, salmon and oysters, contain good levels of vitamin D. Taking vitamin D in pill form is also helpful.

For a healthy penis, it is best to consider using a first-class penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) on a regular basis and especially during times of the year when exposure to sunlight is reduced. The advantage of a cream with vitamin D included among its ingredients is the direct, topical application of the cream to the member itself. It's also beneficial for the cream to include many other ingredients that can positively impact the health of the tool. For example, a cream that includes a potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid addresses "wrinkly penis" issues, and one with acetyl L-carnitine can help restore sensation to a penis that has suffered peripheral nerve damage. Finding a cream with many healthy components boosts overall member health.