When a man suffers a serious penis injury, the first thought might be sheer panic. A man with an injured penis is likely in a great deal of pain. But in addition to that, there are many concerns that immediately pop into his head. Will he still be able to get an erection? Will he need medical intervention? What can he do to heal his injured penis fast? In the aftermath of an injury a man just try to keep his wits about him while he performs good penis care - starting with a thorough examination of the damage.

Take a look at the problem

The first thing a man will want to do with an injured penis is check it out to see how bad the damage is. Depending upon the severity, a man can then make the decision to go to the emergency room or handle it with home remedies and excellent penis care.

The good news is that serious injuries that require going to the hospital are quite rare. These issues warrant a trip to the emergency room:

1. New, deep bends or unusual angles to the penis

2. Severe deep bruising immediately following an injury

3. Any injury that has changed the overall shape of the penis

4. Blood upon urinating

5. Tumescence that will not go away

6. Deep cuts or abrasions on the skin that are actively bleeding

7. Severe pain that a man finds it difficult to talk through

If any of these signs appear, it’s time to get to the doctor immediately.

Treatments for the injured penis

Men facing a semi-serious penis injury might be able to treat it at home. The first step is to take over the counter pain medications that will help block the pain and reduce inflammation. Ibuprofen is a good bet for this. The second move is to make sure the penis is clean and not at risk of infection; this can be done with a thorough cleaning.

If the pain is persistent, a man can try cooling the area down with a very cool washcloth or an ice pack applied to the penis. Make sure the ice pack doesn’t actually touch the skin, as that can cause an additional injury. Wrap the pack in a towel and apply it that way.

Keep in mind that if these treatments don’t ease the pain or the penis begins to look worse rather than better, it’s time to give up on home remedies and visit the doctor.

Treatments for the sore penis

Assuming a man is certain the problem is one that can be handled at home, there are a few things he should remember as the penis begins to heal. First, no sensual activity of any kind until the penis is in better shape - though of course, a man with an injured penis might not think about such things at all until his member starts to feel better.

A guy should also not be shy about using over the counter medications to treat pain. Keeping the penis clean, applying warm compresses, and going out of his way to avoid any further injury are the best things he can do to remedy the situation.

In addition to ensuring the best penis care immediately following an injury, a man should pay attention to his day-to-day penis health with a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . This crème should contain a mixture of potent nutrients and vitamins with anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties. Healing properties of vitamin D, C and E can also go a long way toward helping alleviate the pain of a sore penis. Finally, a powerful Shea butter base can soothe the damaged skin and help a man feel more like himself again.