Although male circumcision is common in the United States, the foreskin is not unknown in America. In much of the world, an intact penis is far more the norm than one which has been cut. However, because some American women, even those with a considerable degree of experience, have not come in close personal contact with a "hooded" penis, their first exposure to one may raise a number of questions for them. Some may wonder how the presence of the male prepuce impacts such matters as appropriate penis health care, penis sensation and sexual performance. To help acclimate these women to the intact penis, following are a few basic facts.

1) It's the same instrument, just with a little extra skin. There's no reason to worry that the intact penis will perform in ways that are substantially different than the circumcised model. All penises enjoy rubbing, kissing, licking, fondling and insertion into pleasurable orifices. The hooded member will react with the same enthusiasm and joi de vivre as the penis that has been altered.

2) The foreskin in an adult male usually is retractable. Although in its flaccid state the foreskin typically covers most of the glans of the penis, by the time most men have achieved adulthood, the foreskin has separated and can be retracted down below the glans. Some intact men prefer to retract the hood when engaging in sexual activity; others prefer to keep the glans covered; and some vary in their preference from one time to the next. When a woman is first exploring the equipment of an intact male, it's generally considered polite to ask the man's preference.

In some cases, a man may find it easier or more comfortable to apply a condom with the skin retracted. If a woman is placing the condom on the member, she should again ask the man's preference, rather than assume he likes it one way or the other.

3) Sometimes retraction is problematic. In some cases, a man may have difficulty retracting the foreskin and doing so may be painful. This usually is referred to as "phimosis," and it refers to the foreskin being so tight or the glans being so swollen that retraction is difficult or impossible. Often this occurs when a minor infection causes the glans to swell up.

4) Some intact men may find the exposed glans more sensitive. Scientifically determining whether the glans of a circumcised or unaltered penis is more sensitive is difficult, if for no other reason than because sensitivity just naturally varies from one man to another. One intact man may find the exposed glans enormously sensitive, while another may find it can take very rough handling with no problem; the same variation is true of circumcised men. However, since the prepuce tends to provide a protective covering for the glans, in some men that may make the exposed glans especially sensitive. Asking in advance and conducting some mutually agreed-upon explorations can let a woman know how her individual intact man feels about this issue.

5) Hygiene is important. Most adult men take the time to properly clean their penises regularly, including underneath the foreskin. Sometimes, however, there may be a build-up under the hood that goes unnoticed by the man. At the appropriate time, it may be a good idea to gently and tactfully let him know about this issue.

As with a circumcised penis, the proper maintenance of a penis with a foreskin should include the regular use of a superior penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). The moisturizing power of a cream loaded with a high end emollient such as Shea butter is especially beneficial for a foreskin that is a little snug. Also, important is to use a cream that is packed with acetyl L carnitine; this ingredient is neuroprotective and is solid at helping to maintain proper penis sensitivity affected by peripheral nerve damage.