A man with a numb penis, or one that has lost appreciable sensitivity, is a sad man indeed. Clearly, one of the primary benefits of possessing a penis is the intense reaction that the erect organ feels when stimulated. When properly sensitized, the penis can experience a whole range of gratifying feelings, and it is this range of sensation that makes sexual activity such a uniquely satisfying experience for a man. Those who are suffering from a somewhat numb penis can employ good penis care techniques to treat this issue and return to their tool the pleasurable sensitivity it seeks (and deserves).

Why a loss of sensitivity?

It is not at all uncommon for a penis to experience some loss of sensitivity. Sometimes this is temporary; other times it is of a more lasting nature. In addition, in some men it may occur rather suddenly, while in others the deadening of sensation is so gradual that it may not be noticed until it is rather advanced.

There can be several reasons for a loss of sensation in the manhood, but frequently it is due to one of the following causes:

Circulatory issues. Maintaining a healthy flow of blood throughout the body is important for many reasons; one of them is that, when blood flow is affected, it can cause numbing. Although people typically associate this numbing with the hands or the feet, it can definitely occur in the penis as well. The penis is dependent on blood flow for proper functioning; it is the influx of blood into the organ that causes its engorgement. If the circulation is impeded, it can also contribute to a loss of sensitivity in the penis; the organ still "gets the job done," but does so without providing the same degree of pleasure as when blood flows freely.

Tissue build-up. Penis skin is very thin, which allows for easier access to the nerve endings that respond strongly to stimulation. Over time, however, tiny layers of skin tissue can build up over the original skin. This happens due to friction and chafing, whether because of rough (if enjoyable) handling of the organ during sex or because of the organ rubbing against rough clothing or other materials. Sometimes, the chemicals in soaps and detergents also prompt the creation of new tissue. Although these tissue layers are incredibly thin, if enough of them get laid on top of one another, they can form a barrier between a stimulus and the nerve endings in the penis. This makes it harder for stimulation to reach the nerves, thus dampening sensitivity, sometimes significantly.

Peripheral nerve damage. The sensitive nerves in the penis can become damaged through sexual activity. This occurs often during rough or unlubricated sex, but sometimes even "typical" sexual activity can cause a bit of peripheral nerve damage. The nerves can heal, but sometimes they are assaulted again before they have time to complete the healing process.

What to do

There are several steps a man can take to help restore sensitivity. For example, wearing soft underwear and using soaps and detergents that don't irritate the penis skin can be a big help.

Also essential for a man with a numb penis is to regularly apply a first-rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). It's essential that the cream contains a neuroprotective ingredient such as acetyl L-carnitine to help restore sensitivity. Acetyl L-carnitine helps with peripheral nerve damage issues. The cream should also include L-arginine and superior moisturizing agents, such as Shea butter and vitamin E. L-arginine helps boost the process by which blood flow is enabled, thereby helping with circulatory issues. Keeping the penis well moisturized helps to prevent the skin on the organ from thickening over time. All these benefits can help restore sensitivity - or prevent its loss in the first place.