When a man looks down and is greeted with the sight of a swollen, red penis, he naturally gets a little concerned. If he touches that red penis and feels pain, that concern is likely to turn to alarm. There are many issues that can cause this kind of penis pain, some of which are benign, and some of which are not. In rare cases, a condition known as Mondor’s disease may be the cause; so men who are interested in premium penis care need to know about it so they can properly address it if it does appear.

What is Mondor’s Disease?

Mondor’s disease is more often found in the breasts or chest, but in some cases, it occurs in the penis. Named after Henri Mondor, a Parisian surgeon, the condition involves an inflammation of a vein resulting from a blood clot; it is generally considered benign and not usually a source of great concern, from a physician’s point of view.

When Mondor’s disease occurs in the penis, a man is likely to notice a swelling near the surface of a vein in the organ. Typically, the swelling occurs in the main vein that runs along the top side of the penis, but it can occur elsewhere - including, rarely, on the foreskin. The swelling presents itself as a lump, and it is usually red in color.

Some pain

Although the swelling is not generally painful in and of itself, the area is generally sensitive to the touch. Thus, touching the lump generally produces a painful sensation; in some cases, the rubbing of fabric against the lump can also be painful.

Because of this tenderness, engaging in sexual activity is discouraged. The condition is not contagious and so cannot be spread; however, the vigorous activity necessitated by intercourse or masturbation tends to produce a high degree of discomfort.

Other issues

One study indicated that Mondor’s disease of the penis often causes psychological stress and "sexual disharmony" for its victims. This is related to the need to abstain from activity due to associated pain, as well as fears over whether the lump may be related to a more serious condition and what an observer may think of the appearance of the penis while it is afflicted.

Causes and treatment

The underlying cause of Mondor’s disease is not clear, although there may in some cases be some relationship between a history of sexually transmitted infections and Mondor’s. It does appear that trauma to the penis may result in the appearance of Mondor’s disease.

In many cases, Mondor’s disease resolves on its own. In more persistent cases, abstinence from sexual activity; wearing of loose clothing; and treatment with warm dressings are often beneficial. Doctors may recommend anticoagulants or antibiotics in those cases that are unresponsive to other treatments.

Because abstinence is often a byproduct of the swollen red penis caused by Mondor’s disease, most men are anxious to get it treated so they can resume their normal sex lives. Maintaining the overall health of the penis can help in this regard, which means that men need to make the application of a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) part of their daily routine. While a crème will not cure the problem, it may provide soothing relief. Guys should select a crème that boasts a potent combination of hydrators, such as shea butter and vitamin E. The best crème also include a wide range of vitamins that includes vitamin D. Often called a miracle vitamin, vitamin D both fights disease and enables cell functionality, a combination which is a boon for maintaining penis health. The topical application vitamin D and other nutrients on the penis allows for the faster absorption of their benefits for the organ.