A slightly curved erect penis is a relatively common condition, affecting approximately 80% of all males. However curvature of the penis can progress and become painful, cause difficulties with intercourse, and even result in long-term deformity. Treating the skin of the penis with a high-quality penis health cream may be helpful in preventing the underlying cause of a curved or bent penis.

What causes curvature of the penis?

Curvature of the penis is diagnosed when the shaft bends during an erection. This is caused by a buildup of fibrous scar tissue under the skin. This tissue can be felt whether an erection is present or not. While the exact cause of this buildup is not well-understood, there appears to be a genetic component. In other words, men who have older family members with a curved penis are more likely to develop the condition themselves.

Men who have fractured the penis during intercourse or who are undergoing radiation therapy are more likely to develop a curved or bent penis and experience complications. Males at any age who experience pain during an erection should seek medical advice at the earliest opportunity.

Complications from a curved penis

If left untreated, a curved penis may develop into a condition known as Peyronie’s disease, which can have lasting consequences on penile health. A severely curved penis can be extremely painful during an erection, and depending on the degree of curvature, penetration may become difficult or even impossible.

Treating a curved or bent penis

Once Peyronie’s disease has developed, several options are available. Oral medications, radiation treatments, and surgery have all been used to correct the problem. However, these measures are known to lead to impotence in many cases, and they do not always correct the problem. Therefore, these are generally best left as a last resort.

In addition, vitamins E and A have been shown to reduce the formation of scar tissue in some cases and may help to reduce curvature or prevent it from occurring. Numerous other vitamins and minerals have also demonstrated positive results in terms of penile tissue health.

Nutrients for the penis – maintaining penis condition through proper nourishment of the skin

The following vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids have demonstrated a positive effect on skin cells and connective tissue and may be useful in sustaining penis health:

• Vitamin A – keeps the skin soft and supple; often used for the prevention or treatment of scar tissue.

• Vitamin C – Works to keep the skin well-oxygenated, boosting its healing properties, and needed for the formation and repair of the connective tissue underlying the dermis.

• Vitamin B5 – Supports overall health of skin and connective tissue cells.

• Vitamin E – May help to prevent or reduce fibrous scar tissue and keeps the skin soft, smooth and supple.

• Alpha lipoic acid – An important antioxidant that helps to prevent skin damage; also needed for proper metabolic function of skin and nerve cells.

• L-Arginine – An amino acid that works to promote optimum circulation and plays a role in the oxygenation of skin cells.

What to look for in a penis health cream

In order to enjoy the benefits of these vital nutrients, it is best to apply them directly to the penis, as the skin is highly absorbent and can help to ensure that they are delivered where they are needed most. A penis health formula (men’s health advocates recommend Man1 Man Oil) should contain all of the ingredients listed above, as well as natural moisturizers needed to maintain the integrity of the skin’s surface. Penis creams that are all-natural and free of fragrances, synthetic lubricants and dyes are recommended for all skin types to prevent drying or irritation of the sensitive tissue in the genital area.