When a man is dealing with penis problems, often the issue of rank penis odor is right at the top of the list. No man wants to deal with this before a hot date, or any other time, for that matter - not only does penis odor put a serious damper on his love life, but a really bad stench can make a man quite unhappy when it reaches his nostrils. To help prevent this nightmare, it helps to brush up on appropriate penis care tips. These should help a man eliminate the nasty penis odor that cramping his style.

1) Clean the area appropriately. Though it might seem like a no-brainer, keeping the body clean as a whistle is actually more difficult than a man might think. This is especially true if he is uncircumcised, as he will have to retract the foreskin and clean underneath it at every shower. But even if a man is not intact, he will need to take care to use the proper cleansers. Using soap or even shampoo is simply not enough. A cleanser that is specially formulated for the delicate penis skin can help fight the bacteria that is unique to the penis area and thus, help eliminate odors.

2) Dress appropriately. Tight-fitting clothing that doesn’t allow the skin to breathe provides the perfect atmosphere for bacteria to grow. As that bacteria spreads, it imparts an awful stench that becomes especially noticeable when a man steps out of the aforementioned tight or restrictive clothing. Wearing clothes that allow the body to breathe, such as soft cotton or woven knit, can ensure that the bacteria is stymied enough to cut down on potential odors.

3) Look out for infections. Some infections can create an off-putting odor. One of the biggest culprits is a yeast infection, which can lead to a terrible stench if it is allowed to fester. Fortunately, over the counter medications can help reduce and eliminate the problem, which means a man will go back to smelling great in no time. However, an odor that continues without abatement and is accompanied by redness, rashing, itching and the like should always be seen by the doctor.

4) Figure out what causes certain odors. Some men have noticed that they smell a certain way after they eat certain foods, such as broccoli or onions. In addition, some men have noticed a terrible smell wafting from their penis when they are under severe amounts of stress. Occasionally, a toxic situation for the body - such as drinking far too much alcohol or using illicit drugs - can lead to odors that seem unresponsive to any attempts to stop the smell. By "detoxing" the body by cutting out those vices and drinking plenty of water, a guy can probably reduce rank penis odor as well.

5) Consider manscaping. A man who has tried everything to get rid of penis odor might want to look at the area around the penis instead. By removing the thatch of hair around the crotch, a guy prevents bacteria from setting up shop there. This helps to eliminate penis odor for some men. If a guy chooses this route, he might also want to choose to use wicking underwear designed to pull sweat away from the body - the combination of wicking material and manscaping can make a man much more comfortable while alleviating penis problems like severe odor.

Another great option for fighting penis odor and other penis problems includes the daily use of a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A crème that contains vitamin A is best. This vitamin helps reduce the bacteria that most commonly causes penis odor, so daily application in addition to the other tips above can help ensure a man smells at his best as often as possible.