For most men, the penis is a subject of constant concern - is it big enough, is it hard enough, can it get the job done? The fact is that with all the thought that men put into their penis, and into the experience of sexual pleasure, very few men actually consider the care that the penis needs to stay in top condition.

For men who realize that special attention is needed to maintain a healthy penis with skin that is smooth, supple, and ready for action, health crèmes containing penis-specific vitamins and minerals that can be applied directly to the area may be the first step to a healthier, more active penis. The five most important reasons for using a penis health crème are described here:

Reason #1: Maintaining penis sensitivity
As sensitive as the penis is, this ability to experience sexual stimulation will not last forever without help. Like the skin on more exposed parts of the body, the big guy is subjected to all kinds of friction, from the palm of a hand to rough clothing to penetration without the benefit of lubricants. To prevent this delicate skin from becoming toughened and resistant to tactile sensation, moisturizing the penis regularly and nourishing it with skin-rejuvenating vitamins such as A and E is needed. Furthermore, as the fine network of nerves lying under the skin can be damaged by rough handling, nerve tissue support from nutrients such as acetyl-L-carnitine is recommended.

Reason #2: Avoiding skin infections of the penis
Fungal and bacterial infections are common in the groin area, as these organisms tend to thrive in warm, moist areas. To prevent the itching, soreness, inflammation, and general discomfort and unsightliness of an infection, treating the area with natural antibacterials such as vitamin A is recommended, along with adequate hygiene.

Reason #3: Maintaining the skin’s natural moisturizing qualities
Although the penis skin possesses some degree of self-lubricating ability, constant exposure to clothing, not to mention dry rubbing and other rough treatment, can cause the skin to become dry and irritated. To avoid the skin problems that often accompany excessive dryness, it is recommended that men use an all-natural, fragrance-free moisturizer such as shea butter, as well as applying vitamin E in order to create a natural moisture barrier that works to maintain skin’s normal level of hydration.

Reason #4: Fighting disease and premature aging
Antioxidants such as alpha lipoic acid and vitamin C, as well as other disease-fighting agents such as vitamins B5 and D, are important in protecting the body, including the penis, against environmental contaminants that may cause premature aging, skin spots and even certain forms of cancer.

Reason #5: Avoiding unpleasant odors
There’s a reason for that unpleasant, yet familiar odor that emanates from the genital area from time to time. Foul body odors are often caused by bacteria that are otherwise harmless, yet tend to congregate in warm, dark places. To avoid the embarrassment of that musky smell, cleaning the area regularly and treating it with antibacterial crèmes containing vitamin A is always a good idea.

Choosing a penis health crème
While many skin lotions contain the nutrients described here, not all of them are created equal. The most effective penis health formulas (such as Man 1 Man Oil) are those that are designed specifically for men, with no fragrances, dyes or other chemicals that may cause irritation in this sensitive area. A crème that can be applied daily is best for maximum benefit, and all-natural ingredients are not only best for the skin, they are also better for the environment. Men who want the best for their penis should look for a crème containing al of the vitamins described above, as well as natural moisturizing ingredients.