When the pants come off, every man wants to be sure that the member he is presenting to another person (or several, as the case may be) is seen in the best possible light. Often, even a guy sporting a manhood of impressive size or shape loses points when he reveals a wrinkled penis - one with skin that doesn't appear healthy and youthful. Proper penis care can be a big help in alleviating this problem and ensuring a member makes a good first impression.

Why the wrinkled penis?

Some wrinkling is pretty normal. After all, the penis is a shape-shifting organ, smaller when at rest and larger when erect - in some cases, significantly larger. In order to accommodate that expansion, the skin has to have some give and take to it - and that means that there will inevitably be some "bunching up" of the penis skin when the organ is not at its full erect length.

The common wrinkles of a well-tended penis are one thing; it's a different story when the penis skin is not properly moisturized and cared for. When the skin is unhealthy, the wrinkling takes on a different appearance. This is especially the case when the skin looks cracked and dry; combined with the wrinkles, it gives the member the appearance of being aged - and young men in particular do not appreciate an elderly-looking penis.

Well-used - and looking it

Sometimes men’s habits promote a wrinkled look. Guys enjoy using their penis - and, in fact, it needs to be used to stay in good health. But often men are not as careful with their members as they need to be, especially when masturbating. Too many times a guy will engage in self-gratification without using enough lubrication or will engage in a "marathon" session that depletes any lubrication with which he may have started. Sure, it's a lot of fun. But that rough handling is not good for the skin. Wear and tear of collagen tissue and depletion of the natural oils in the penis skin combine to create a cracked appearance, especially on the glans.


There can be other reasons for the penis skin acquiring a cracked, wrinkly appearance. For example, sometimes men simply don't drink enough fluids and experience a mild form of dehydration. This is not the serious form that causes significant health risks, but a lower level of dehydration in which the skin is not getting the internal moisture it needs to stay healthy. Staying well-hydrated can help.

Ironically, sometimes dryness of the skin comes from being a little too attentive to penis hygiene. It's very important that the penis be washed regularly - but if a soap is used that is too harsh, it can deplete oils from the sensitive penis skin. The same can also occur when using a laundry detergent that is not gentle enough or that contains strong perfumes.

Keeping the wrinkled penis look at bay and maintaining healthy penis skin is an admirable goal. Such a goal can be more easily attained if a man includes a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) in his daily penis care regimen. It's essential that the crème is capable of providing adequate moisturize to replace any water and oils lost during the course of the day. Choosing a crème with a combination of a potent emollient (like Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (like vitamin E) can make a huge difference. It's also essential that the crème contains vitamin C. Loss of collagen tissue is a factor contributing to wrinkled skin, and vitamin C is acclaimed for its role in collagen production. Since the vitamin C is applied topically in crème form, it can better target the penis skin while delivering its benefits. Regular use of a crème like Man1 Man Oil can aid in keeping a penis looking healthy, young and strong.