Most guys associate penis size - both length and girth - with the ability to satisfy partners. While the connection really isn’t so solid, there is something to be said for a thick penis. Many women enjoy having the whole vaginal canal stimulated at once, and a wide penis is more able to accommodate this. That being said, the thickness of the member can cause difficulties in the bedroom. In the interest of vaginal and penile care, as well as maximizing pleasure, girthy guys should take into account the following tips.

Lubrication is key.

Vaginal tearing and penile chafing are two unfortunate but common consequences of sex, particularly if the sex is rough or if it goes on for some time. While these things occur regardless of penis size, a thicker manhood is more likely to stretch a vagina beyond its comfort zone and incur greater friction itself from complete contact with the canal.

That’s why lubrication is of the utmost importance for wide-membered guys and their partners. While some tearing and chafing may still result, it will be much less than if inadequate lubrication is present.

Partners can treat this necessity as a reason to engage in exciting and perhaps lengthy foreplay. Really build up the suspense - this will make sure she’s wet as can be before penetration. And don’t underestimate the importance of having a product on stand-by; even women who produce ample natural lubrication are likely to dry out eventually, especially during lengthy sessions. Do lube checks during position changes, and, if she’s dry, either engage in more non-penetrative play or use a product to make sure she’s slick before re-entry.

Pick positions wisely.

For some women, taking a thick penis is no problem. But many may find it a challenge. It’s a good idea to think about what positions may be most comfortable for her. Here are a couple of considerations:

1) Positions that put her in control of penetrative depth, angle and speed can ensure that she’s feeling more pleasure than pain. If she likes being on top, then that’s a good place to start. She can ride in traditional girl-on-top style, or mix it up with reverse cowgirl or the lotus. The lotus is a position in which both partners are sitting cross-legged and facing one another; her legs are crossed behind the man’s back, and their chests are pressed against one another. Very intimate!

2) Positions in which her legs are spread will make her vaginal canal wider and better able to accommodate a thick penis. Try doggy style with her legs spread wide, or missionary with her legs either out to the side or up in the air in a V-shape.

Get large condoms.

Condom sizes are based on girth, not length. Men with wide penises - generally, a circumference greater than 5.1" - should invest in large-sized condoms. Poorly-fitting condoms are more susceptible to slipping off or breaking, so getting the size right is crucial.

Manage chafing.

Sometimes using adequate lube just isn’t enough to protect the penile skin from chafing. Men can take several measures to make sure their skin is kept smooth, supple and healthy:

- Wash with warm water, not hot. Hot water can dry out the skin, leaving it susceptible to chafing.

- Don’t use harsh soaps. Warm water is usually sufficient for cleaning the penis. If a guy insists on soaping up, make sure to use a natural, gentle cleanser.

- Moisturize. Using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with a combination of natural moisturizers like Shea butter and vitamin E is a great way to keep the skin hydrated, protecting it against various types of friction and the dryness that often follows. Applying a moisturizer every day will make a big difference in skin condition, allowing men to recover faster from soreness after sex and helping them be ready for the next romp.