Every man agrees: Masturbation is fun. And doctors agree that masturbation is a strong element of good penis care. But for some men, masturbation crosses the line from being a fun activity that’s good for the body into becoming an obsession. A man who masturbates excessively can eventually face several issues that eventually make his day-to-day life difficult.

Signs of a masturbation problem

A man might have a serious problem with excessive masturbation if he notices any of the following problems in his day-to-day life:

1. Diminished enjoyment of sensual relations. A man who is too accustomed to his own hand to bring pleasure might not be able to achieve the same pleasure with a partner, and that can lead to problems with relationships.

2. Social isolation. Speaking of relationships, a man who is addicted to masturbation might skip social events, choose to go home early or otherwise close off from friends in order to stay home and do the deed alone.

3. Penis irritation. No matter how much lube a man uses, constant friction can eventually take a toll. It’s even worse for a man who chooses to handle his penis with a dry hand. The constant motion will eventually lead to serious penis irritation and even pain.

4. Loss of penis sensation. When the penis is handled far too often, the nerve endings begin to suffer. This can lead to a loss of penis sensation, which in turn means a man must have more stimulation in order to get the same feeling.

5. Changes in school or work habits. Problems with focus and concentration at school might occur, as well as a wandering mind at work. A man who wants to masturbate all the time might actually find himself skipping class or stepping away from his desk to find a private place to do the deed throughout the day.

Let’s say a guy notices these changes and decides that he is masturbating far too much. Knowing is half the battle, as they say - but now what can he do to change it yet still maintain the good penis health that masturbation can provide?

How to ease away from excessive masturbation

There are many steps a man can take to ease away from excessive masturbation. Here are a few things a man can do if he notices the signs of spanking the monkey a little too much:

1. Get exhausted. Go for a hike, hit the gym, play a sport - anything that will wear a guy out until he’s too tired to think, and way too tired to think about getting off.

2. Choose a new hobby. When the urge to masturbate comes along, indulge in a new hobby that allows immediate access. These things might include cooking, woodworking, baking, gardening and the like.

3. Force a change in routine. If a guy likes to masturbate in the shower, it’s time to take cold showers, so he won’t be interested in staying in too long. If he likes to masturbate at night, wear layers of clothing to bed to make it more difficult to access the penis. Similar changes in routine can be incorporated.

4. Stop using stimulating images. Whether it’s adult magazines or movies, avoiding those options will help a man keep his mind off the idea of masturbation.

5. Get social. The more time a guy spends with friends, the less time he has to polish the pole. Simply getting out among others and spending time with new potential partners can help a man focus on things other than self-love.

No matter what a man chooses to do concerning excessive masturbation, he should always strive to keep his penis in top shape. This includes the regular use of great penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . It’s important to look for a crème with L-carnitine, which helps protect against peripheral nerve damage from rough handling, as well as Shea butter and vitamin E, which are great for avoiding dry penis skin from regular masturbation.