Men in search of tips for better sex are willing to go to all sorts of outrageous lengths for one simple reason: Better sex is just that good! But it’s entirely possible that many men are overlooking the option right under their noses - quite literally. Yes, considering the addition of olfactory enhancements to the sexual experience (especially combined with attention to excellent good penis care) can often lead to even better sex.

Olfactory enhancements

"Olfactory enhancements" is a fancy way of saying "Don’t neglect the power of the sense of smell to add spice to the sexual experience." Most people already know the power of other senses in sex play. The sense of touch is quite obvious, whether it’s fingers brushing the penis or the feel of the manhood enveloped by the vagina. Taste comes very much into play with kissing, and the sound of mood music is often an erotic enticement. And any man who has ever perked up at the mere sight of a beautiful woman passing by knows how important the visual element can be.

But the sense of smell doesn’t tend to get as much play as it deserves. Sure, a man will splash on some aftershave or a woman will carefully apply some perfume, to good effect. But smell more often is remembered when it carries a negative connotation, such as a person with body odor or bad breath.

But the fact is that paying attention to using scents and aromas can positively enhance a couple’s bedroom play.


So what should a man do if he wants to use olfactory enhancements in his coupling? A few hints are:

1. Consider the other person. Every person is different with different preferences and what may be pleasant or alluring to one man might be off-putting to his partner (and vice versa). A guy may like the smell of roses, but if his partner has a flower allergy, filling the bedroom with roses may be a bad idea. Or one person may find a particular cologne enticing while another wrinkles her nose up at it. Take the time to find out what scents work for the partner - and don’t be afraid to simply ask them.

2. Research. Many sites offer suggestions about aromas that are supposed to intensify the erotic experience. For example, vanilla, cinnamon and jasmine are frequently cited as aromas that can help get the sexual motors running. Strike off the list those items that you already know don’t appeal to you and/or to your partner. Then figure out the ones that you most want to try out with your mate.

3. Start slow. A few spritzes of a special mixture of scents is a better place to start than pouring a half a bottle onto the bedsheets. Scents can linger and be hard to get rid of, so starting out too strong can lead you down an unprofitable road.

4. Expand. When you find something that works, find different ways to disseminate the scent. Vanilla, for example, can be used through baked goods, dabbed behind the ears, scented in sheets or released through burning a candle.

Olfactory enhancements are just one of the many tips for better sex, but it’s up to the man to keep his penis healthy so that he can better enjoy that sex. Regular application of a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is an excellent way to maintain that health. Since the olfactory angle is being explored, be sure the crème includes vitamin A, which has powerful antibacterial properties that fight nasty penis odor. Any crème worth its salt will also include L-arginine, an amino acid. It plays a crucial role in the process by which penile blood vessels dilate and become receptive to increased blood flow.