How much is too much masturbation? This is a common question men have. Quite simply, the answer is this: When it interferes with a man’s life, he’s doing it too much. While most men worry about the frequency of solo play, it’s important for them to also consider the way in which they engage in it. Certain masturbation methods can interfere with a man’s ability to get aroused by and achieve orgasm with a partner. So, while getting plenty of pumping in can be beneficial to penis health, going about it the right way is imperative for a man’s sex life.

The following ways of engaging in self-pleasure have the potential to interfere with a man’s partner-based gratification:

1) Odd Masturbation Methods

Recently, a study was featured in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that explored the impacts of unusual masturbation practices on a man’s satisfaction with partner-based sex. "Unusual" here meant methods that depart significantly from sensations that can be achieved during sex with someone else. Examples included arousal by Jacuzzi jets and vacuum hoses as well as masturbating with a flaccid member.

The researchers found that men who engaged in these types of practices reported reduced penile sensation, lowered sex drives, erectile dysfunction and difficulty reaching climax. A man’s self-stimulation practices, when engaged in frequently, train his penis and brain what to respond to; if he’s used to these sensations that can’t be replicated during partner sex, then he may find himself unable to perform or obtain pleasure with another person.

2) Porn Overload

There’s no shortage of pornography available to anyone with a computer. The amount, variety and easy access make it a standard go-to for the person who enjoys visual aids during masturbation.

It’s possible to enjoy pornography without having it interfere with a man’s sex life, but some men get a little too into it. Men who regularly watch very hardcore or violent pornography may come to require such things in order to climax, and the scenarios featured in these videos or images can’t always be recreated with a partner. In addition, some men may find themselves requiring increasingly intense and graphic pornography in order to obtain the results they used to get from softer materials. That’s because pornography induces a flood of dopamine, the brain’s feel-good chemical; much as with a drug addict, the individual may become "tolerant" and require more of the stuff to achieve the same effect.


If a man’s masturbatory habits have inhibited his enjoyment and performance abilities with a person in the flesh, there are steps he can take to recover and experience better sex. Though unpleasant, the first step is to take a hiatus from masturbating - one month is a good time period, but if serious addiction to a certain stimulus or to the practice itself is present, a longer stretch may be required. Men can consult a sex therapist for advice specific to their unique situations.

The second phase of treatment is "masturbation retraining." Here, men adopt self-pleasuring methods that are more in line with what actually happens with a partner. Manual methods that simulate sensations he could experience with another person and use of less intense pornography are options.

Keeping it Sensitive

In addition to maintaining one’s sensitivity on a biochemical level, it’s important for men to maintain it on the level of their penile nerves. Exposure to friction - from masturbation, sex, clothing, etc. - can cause a reduction in the sensitivity of penile nerves; also, skin that has been subjected to plenty of wear can grow tough, further deadening sensations. The use of a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can combat these causes of lost feeling. Ingredients like Shea butter and vitamin E work to keep the skin smooth, while acetyl L-carnitine provides a neuroprotective boost to keep the penis responsive.