When a man sees bruising on his penis, he usually knows what caused it. After all, bruising is the presence of blood underneath the skin where it shouldn’t be, and it is often caused by an injury. But sometimes there is no injury that comes to mind; a man is simply going about his routine penis care and sees a dark bruise on his penis. In order to maintain good penis health, a man must understand the potential reasons for the bruising so he can quickly rule out the more serious culprits.

Here’s what might cause penis bruising:

1) Enthusiastic sex. Some men have the fortunate experience of knowing that their penis bruising came not from an injury, but from the friction caused by a night of passion. Though it’s still not a good thing to have bruising, it’s certainly better than some of the other reasons a guy might have it!

2) Masturbation with no lube. When a man likes to enjoy "dry" masturbation, he might find that he bruises occasionally. This bruising indicates minor trauma to the penis, which can eventually lead to Peyronie’s disease. That’s a good reason to stock up on the lube.

3) Lymphatic vessel thrombosis. These vessels are responsible for delivering lymphatic fluid around the body. Sometimes one of them will become "clogged" and lead to bruising, especially if a penis pump was recently used.

4) A zipper incident. Yes, it’s the kind of thing that makes a man cringe, but it does happen - and even if the skin is not broken, it can be enough of a pinch to lead to minor bruising days after the event.

5) Priapism. This is a condition in which the penis stays hard for four hours or longer. However, even if the erection only lasts for a few hours, that’s longer than it should usually be hard, and the result can be bruising throughout the penis and the surrounding area.

6) Recent surgical procedures. Though it might seem strange to see bruising on the penis when the surgery was elsewhere, it happens quite often. Blood migrates to various parts of the body and leads to the bruising, such as the bruising from a vasectomy winding up in the head of the penis, for example.

7) A tight foreskin. Men who are attempting to stretch their foreskin to avoid circumcision might wind up with bruising in the affected area. This is also true of certain procedures a doctor might try to loosen up the foreskin, such as creating small incisions around it.

8) Fractures. This reason for bruising often happens very swiftly as the immediate aftermath of a penis fracture. A "fracture" is actually the rupturing of a membrane that plays a part in controlling blood flow for erections, so blood is going to rush out of the penis and go elsewhere. That "elsewhere" is often into the skin, where it becomes a bruise.

9) Other traumas. Any sort of trauma can lead to bruising. Some is obvious, such as a guy who takes a hard hit during a game of football, and that hit lands right on the privates. But there can be other traumas that a man doesn’t register at first, such as getting kneed in the balls by his child during a wrestle in the backyard. Even a mild trauma can lead to bruising, so it behooves a man to pay close attention during his daily penis care regimen.

Whether a man has bruising or not, it’s best to use a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) on a daily basis. Though a penis health crème can aid in overcoming penis injury, it can also keep skin as healthy as possible at other times, so that a man presents only a handsome, healthy penis to his partner.