It might seem impossible, but it’s true: everyone’s body is covered with hair. In many cases, it’s obvious: hair on legs and arms tends to be darker than the skin, for example, and easily seen. But there are some areas of the body that have very fine, light hair that can only be seen very close-up. For some men, there appears to be no hair at all on the male organ, but for others, the hair they expect to see in their midsection extends all the way down the member shaft. Many see this as unattractive and thus choose to remove it; however, it’s important to remember that excellent male organ care is more important than ever if a guy chooses to remove hair from the member and surrounding area.

Is hair growth a manhood problem?

Most men are not accustomed to seeing member hair, mostly because it’s quite rare - and of course, any man who has watched an adult film or two has probably seen only neatly trimmed or clean-shaven guys. So it makes sense that when a man notices hair extending down the shaft of the male organ, he might wonder if it’s a serious manhood problem.

The good news is that every person has a different pattern of hair on their bodies, and some men just happen to have hair that grows on their member shaft. If a guy has always had the hair on his male organ, then it is definitely not a manhood problem. And remember, a guy might have had member hair there for many years but never noticed it, because it was so fine and light.

However, if a guy suddenly starts growing member hair where there was once smooth skin, it might be an issue with the hormones in his body. Sometimes a hormonal imbalance or certain medications can change what happens in a man’s body, and one of the results could be increased hair growth in areas where he doesn’t want it, like the male organ. If this is the case, a guy can talk to his doctor about what steps to take to remedy the problem.

Maintain good male organ care while getting rid of the hair

Though some men will leave the hair alone, others will choose to remove it. If a man does want to get rid of the hair, he needs to keep great male organ care in mind. This means he shouldn’t choose certain hair-removal methods, as they could cause even more manhood problems!

A man should always avoid depilatory creams, as they can lead to chemical burns on the male organ, and might not remove the hair anyway. Waxing is a definite no-no, as the delicate male organ skin can’t handle the procedure, and a guy can wind up with serious member skin damage. Though plucking out the hair with tweezers is tedious and can lead to ingrown hairs, most men do choose this route. However, a guy who regularly manscapes should keep in mind that simply shaving the area of the male organ where the hair appears can be all he needs to keep things neat and comfortable down there.

Whether plucking or shaving, a guy will need to pay close attention to manhood care in the aftermath. This includes the use of a powerful male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . The application of a luxurious crème containing Shea butter and vitamin E will help soothe the skin and keep it as healthy as possible. In addition, a crème that contains retinol - also known as vitamin A - can help ensure the skin gets extra antibacterial treatment, which can come in handy when dealing with an excess of unwanted hair.