All men know what it’s like to have an itchy penis. No matter how much attention is paid to penis health, the occasional (at least) scratch is required down below. Jock itch, scabies, thrush, harsh soap - guys know the list of usual suspects. But what about unusual causes of an itchy penis, the ones that are a little off the beaten path? It doesn’t hurt to know about those as well.

To some degree, anything that causes an itchy skin reaction anywhere on the body can theoretically result in an itchy penis. So with that in mind, here are some unusual sources of rashing and itchiness.

- Leather. Yes, it’s true. Some people do have an allergic reaction to leather and it can result in contact dermatitis - sometimes a pretty bad case of it. To be totally accurate, the allergic reaction is not so much to the leather itself as it is to chemicals that are used in the tanning process. This should only be an itchy penis problem for men who have a leather sexual fetish. Those who like to wear leather underwear or who enjoy the feel of a leather whip on their penis and balls may find that an itchy penis is the cost of indulging in their fantasies. Antihistamines usually can help clear the rash up.

- Chlorine. Technically, a reaction to chlorine is not an allergy but is considered instead irritant dermatitis, but the result is the same: a lot of itchy bumps. Swimsuits provide some protection for the penis - but, on the other hand, they keep the penis in contact with chlorine that has soaked into the fabric after a guy leaves the pool.

- Plain old water. A very rare condition (thankfully), people with a water allergy develop a severe case of hives after being in water for a relatively short amount of time. The hives can appear anywhere on the body, including the penis.

- Sunshine. People with a solar allergy really need to stay out of the strong sun. A mere half hour can result in a bad case of hives. That’s bad news for any guy with a desire to live life as a nudist - or who just wants to show off his endowment at a clothing optional beach.

- Nickel. There’s something about the metal nickel that causes rashing and itchiness in a small set of people. Nickel isn’t found just in the coin that bears its name but in all coins. It’s a popular part of many metals, so it could mean that guys who prefer a metal penis ring or penis piercings may end up with an itchy penis problem that they’d rather avoid. Also, zippers typically contain nickel, so going commando may result in an uncomfortable penis itch.

- Pollinated fruit. Pollen allergies are actually pretty common, but many people don’t realize that fruit that gets pollinated - such as peaches, apples, pears, oranges, melons, and bananas - can also bring forth a reaction. How does this relate to an itchy penis? Some men do enjoy cutting a hole in a melon and using it as a masturbation tool, and some couples enjoy applying juicy fruits to a partner’s midsection and then feasting on it. So guys with pollen allergies may want to make sure the items have been thoroughly washed.

There are more unusual potential causes for an itchy penis problem - far too many to list. But the takeaway is that guys need to be aware of any potential allergic reactions. They should always use a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to keep the manhood healthy and better able to withstand any issues. Use a crème with vitamin C, which gives penis skin tone and elasticity (and also is needed for proper penis blood flow). The crème should also include vitamin B5 (aka pantothenic acid), a vital nutrient that is required for cell metabolism and the maintenance of healthy tissue.