Men engage in masturbation because it's fun and easy to do - and the equipment required is always handy (and almost always in working order). That's reason enough, but the fact that masturbation is a great stress reliever makes it an even more attractive entertainment option. Regular masturbation can be a benefit to penis health, as it helps keep the organ in shape and "in practice," but the stress reduction associated with self-gratification can have a significant impact on a man's overall health.

How does it affect stress?

Why should simply rubbing one off ease a man's stress? Most people know that sexual release of any kind has a calming effect, but why is this so?

Essentially, when a man masturbates, he is engaging in activity that eventually results in a lowering of blood pressure, which helps relieve stress. In addition, sexual activity releases serotonin and dopamine, substances that calm the body down and create a more peaceful, contented feeling in a person.

Using masturbation effectively

Merely playing with oneself will help reduce stress naturally in most cases; however, if a man takes a few steps, he can use his self-pleasuring to more effectively fight stress. The following tips can serve as a guide to achieving that goal.

- Be accepting. The act of masturbating releases stress, but some individuals have feelings associated with the act that can negate the stress-reducing effect. This is especially true if a man has strong feelings of guilt or shame related to self-stimulation. In order to reap the benefits of stroking-induced tension release, a man needs to have a basic level of ease with the act. The more accepting he can be of the fact that masturbation is a normal, healthy human activity, the more relieved of stress he will be.

- Determine a level. Some men are perfectly happy to fondle themselves daily or more often; others may opt for a few times a year. And many men vary their rate, depending on many different factors (how busy they are, the amount of stress they feel, if they are engaged in other sexual activity, etc.). Knowing what level works best for an individual helps a man feel at ease with his solosexual activity.

- Set aside time. Although many men find a quick jacking session provides delightful stress reduction, it may be even more beneficial if a man can plan to spend at least a moderate length of time engaged in his solo pursuit.

- Explore more. When a man sets aside that time, he can indulge in a bit more exploration of his body. Rather than rushing to apply a series of quick strokes and squeezes to the shaft, he can take the time to run his hands all over his body: his chest, hair, legs, balls and anus, as well as any other place he desires. A little self-massaging of these areas can be an extra bonus in reducing tension.

- Let it go. Some men feel self-conscious when masturbating. This may be due to the fact that as boys, many men had to stimulate themselves in secret and avoid making noise. However, if a man is in a position where he can allow himself to really "get into" his masturbation, especially the climax, he should definitely do so. Throwing himself wholeheartedly and uninhibitedly into the act, with whatever noises or phrases he desires, can enhance the experience and increase the amount of tension released.

Stress reduction through masturbation is a gift that every man should give himself. To make it even more enjoyable, he should also gift himself a first-class penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). All that tool stroking can sometimes make the member feel sore, so regular use of a cream with natural hydrating elements (Shea butter and vitamin E are perfect choices) to soothe the overworked organ and moisturize the skin is a great idea. The best cream will also include acetyl L-carnitine, which helps restore lost sensitivity in the event that too much aggressive fondling deadens the nerves a bit.