When indulged too often or too aggressively, it can mean a sore penis; but masturbation is simply too much fun for most men to avoid. Usually, a dude can control his wanking urges and engage in his penis stimulation in the privacy of his own home. But sometimes, the urge to polish the Johnson in other locations - such as one’s place of work - can be overwhelming. Wanking at work is not usually detrimental to penis health, but it can be a risky business.

Should a guy engage in penile fondling at work? It's a very personal decision, based on each man's own particular circumstances, but here are some of the pros and cons to consider:


  • It feels good. This is a no-brainer. Masturbation is one of a man's most pleasurable experiences; otherwise, all of those millions of adult sites on the internet would have gone out of business long ago.
  • It can relieve work stress. Masturbation (like all forms of sex) is one of the most effective tension-releasers in existence - and one's place of work can be one of the biggest creators of tension. For many men, the orgasm resulting from a quick tug on the penis can make him feel much more at ease and ready to tackle that problem that has been plaguing him all morning.
  • It can make a man more productive. When the seminal juices get flowing, so does a man's creative juices. Post-masturbation, a man is more receptive to new ideas and to new approaches to doing things.
  • It relieves boredom. Some men are stuck in jobs that suck the life out of them. A good wank can provide entertainment that makes it easier to get through an especially drowsy day.
  • It's a harmless way to release anger. There are times when a man gets so mad at his boss that he would really enjoy beating him. Beating his own meat instead is a good way to release the anger without incurring assault and battery charges.


  • It's frowned on. There are few companies that would consider a quick "wank break" to be as legitimate as a quick coffee break.
  • It carries risk. Masturbating at one's desk (if one has an office with a door) might seem safe, but one can still be caught off-guard. Also, if masturbating to internet porn on the computer, it's likely that the computer history will reveal this use of company property; this may be grounds for dismissal. Wanking in the men's room is a much safer bet; however, there is still the risk of someone opening an improperly-closed stall door. In addition, the tell-tale noises made while masturbating may tip off a man's activities.
  • It can be habit-forming. The occasional masturbation session can make for a more productive worker; however, the guy who becomes too enamored of playing with himself at work ends up cheating the company of his time and talents.

Ultimately, each individual needs to weigh the pros and cons - especially the risks of what happens if he gets caught masturbating at work - and make his own decision. For those who find that the risks are unacceptable: they can always get themselves off after work.

As mentioned, many men who masturbate at work (or at home, for that matter) can develop a sore penis. This is especially likely to happen at work when using an inadequate lubricant or when working over the penis too aggressively. Relief from penile soreness can be had through the use of a quality penis nutrient formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). If a man really needs penile soothing, he should pick a formula that includes an ingredient such as shea butter, which is a natural way to bring relief. In addition, the better formulas include vitamin E (an excellent hydrator), as well as vitamin A, which is a plus when battling penis-based odors.