Who doesn’t want a handsome penis? Everyone wants their body to be attractive to potential mates, and that especially applies to the most intimate physical regions. For many men, there has long been a misconception that size is what matters most; that even the most handsome penis could be undermined by a size that wasn’t as impressive as they thought it should be. But new research has come to light that proves the worries about size are - ahem - much larger than they should be.

A group of bold researchers at the University of Zurich sat down with 105 women between the ages of 16 and 45, and asked them to explain what makes a handsome penis. What they ranked at the top of the list is the reason why excellent penis care matters so much.

What matters most for a handsome penis

The women in the University of Zurich study were not shy about ranking what they felt made for the best-looking penis. Here’s what they like.

1) General appearance. In other words, they are interested in the whole package - a handsome, smooth penis that has been well-cared for by a man who places value on his physical health.

2) Appearance of pubic hair. If you are well-trimmed and neat down there, the attractive factor goes up. In fact, a separate study at the University of Indiana found that 75 percent of respondents would prefer to see well-tended pubic hair.

3) Girth and appearance of skin. This is where a good penis health crème comes into play. A man who has smooth, supple skin makes a statement to those who peek at the package: He puts time and effort into ensuring comfort and health.

4) Shape of the tip. There isn’t anything a man can do about this particular factor, except to remember that the way the penis looks is an overall thing - the shape of the tip, the size of the scrotum, the suppleness of the skin, and many other features affect the way things look.

5) Length. Some men worry about the length, but other studies have shown that women prefer a penis size that is right at the average - and that’s good news for the vast majority of men out there.

6) Appearance of scrotum. During daily penis care, it’s important not to forget the area around the penis, particularly the scrotum. A well-tended area with supple, soft skin can be quite appreciated by a partner.

7) Position and shape of the meatus. This is the opening where urine comes out. For most men it is at the tip, but for men with hypospadias, the opening might be on the underside of the penis.

Obviously the general appearance is what creates the most handsome penis, at least in the opinion of the women in this study. But men who are interested in good penis health already know that a handsome penis is a healthy penis!

Getting a smooth, healthy and handsome penis

The key to a handsome, attractive penis is clear - an overall health regimen that takes the penis into account. An excellent penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is a great way to begin the journey to a healthier body. Penis health crème should include essential nutrients, such as Vitamin A for antibacterial benefits, Vitamin E for skin-soothing properties or Vitamin C for advanced collagen production. A strong emollient that is proven to provide smoother skin is also important; Shea butter is widely considered one of the best.

In order to have the most attractive penis possible, it is important to use the crème every day as part of a regular hygiene routine to keep skin soft, supple, presentable, and yes - quite handsome indeed.