Words like "smooth" and "hard" are often used to describe an erect penis. But what happens when the best word a man could use is "lumpy" or "bumpy"? It can be a scary thought, and that change in appearance could make a man frantic for a penis care solution that could help. It is not an uncommon experience, and one man shares his story here.

An Unwelcome Addition

This man had always been extremely proud of his penis, so seeing these spots was a bit of a shock to his system.

"I've always been the guy with the great-looking dick," he says. "All of my girlfriends told me that, and I've always been really confident about whipping it out and putting it to work. So when these spots showed up, you can imagine how weird it was for me. Suddenly, I didn't have the model body everybody was used to."

The spots this man saw were small and white; they were not painful, but they encircled the entire head of his penis, right underneath the crown. He describes them as looking something like pimples or blocked pores, and since he assumed that’s what they were, he attacked them just as he might go after acne blemishes.

"I thought maybe I hadn't kept things clean down there or something, so I tried using my fingers to pinch the bumps and squeeze out the stuff inside," he says. "That's what I do when I get zits on my face, so it made sense to me."

Unfortunately, this sort of behavior is terrible for the health of the skin down below, and this poor man found that out quite quickly. "I couldn't believe how hard I had to squeeze these things, and then nothing even came out," he says. "I was absolutely throbbing with pain for several days afterward, and the bumps didn't even go away. They just scabbed over and healed up, and they were just as white and bumpy as ever."

A Better Idea

Rather than continuing to mangle his equipment at home, this man decided to ask for help from a professional. At his doctor's appointment, he quickly learned that he had a benign condition known as pearly penile papules - a normal variation that affects a large number of men. Fortunately, he also learned that treatment wasn’t really necessary unless the issue caused him extreme discomfort. In general, doctors remove pearly penile papules by freezing or burning them off, as with warts and other similar skin conditions.

In this reader’s case, he opted to leave them alone. "While I wasn't really excited at the idea of living with these bumps for the rest of my life, I was relieved that I wouldn't need to go through some kind of surgery or something," the man says. "But I decided to do all I could to make sure my rod was as healthy as it could be, so while it might not be ready for a photo shoot, it could do an awesome job of pleasing my girlfriend."

The man started paying more attention to his masturbation techniques, so he wouldn't be wrenching and tearing at his skin when he was trying to get off. He also went through the underwear drawer and threw out all of his tight-fitting briefs made of synthetic materials.

"My doctor recommended these steps, and I almost immediately saw an improvement," the man says. "My skin was just pinker and healthier, and I didn't have as much odor wafting up from my pants."

Men like this one also benefit from a daily application of a penis health crème. Quality products (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) contain vitamin D, alpha lipoic acid and other vital penis care elements. With regular applications, skin just feels healthier and more responsive, and it's more capable of delivering pleasure, too. That's a result that could help any partner to overlook the bumps and focus on the love.