Pimples. Isn’t that something only teenagers get? And doesn’t it happen just on the face? Unfortunately, many men get a surprise, no matter their age, when they look down and see what looks exactly like acne on their penis. Penis pimples are actually quite common, even with good regular penis care. However, a guy can rest assured that as penis problems go, penis pimples should be rather easy to handle.

Wait - Acne doesn’t happen to full-grown men, right?

There can be many reasons for pimples, even penis pimples, to show up from time to time. The skin is made up of dermal tissue that includes pores. Those pores contain glands that release oily, fatty substances. This is usually a great thing, as it helps keep skin smooth and hydrated. But sometimes those secretions can become blocked, which allows acne to form.

When it comes to age, pimples don’t care how old a man might be. Problems with the skin glands can be caused by hormones, changes in humidity and weather, rough or abrasive cleaning, not cleaning enough, and a whole host of other problems. In most cases, a man who has acne on his penis won’t know exactly what caused it.

Just popping them will be enough, right?

Well, popping them is actually too much! Popping pimples is always a bad idea, no matter where on the skin they might be - but especially when they are on the delicate penis skin. When a man tries to pop one of these pimples, it either forces the tiny infection deeper into the skin, where it has more opportunity to fester and grow, or it splits open the skin, which then leads to an open area where bacteria can easily invade. Neither bodes well for getting rid of penis pimples and can actually lead to more penis problems.

Getting rid of penis pimples

Though there is no way to ensure penis pimples will never show up, there are several good ways to make sure they will show up less often. Here are a few must-follow rules for men who deal with penis acne:

1) Use a gentle cleanser. A gentle, soap-free cleanser can help ensure that the penis skin is in great shape and less likely to suffer from blocked skin glands. Always clean carefully, especially where penis pimples might be.

2) Watch the diet. Many have found that refined sugars can lead to acne problems on the body, including the penis. This might be cutting back on breads, pastas and sugary foods for a while to see if it helps clear up a particularly bad case of acne.

3) Wear breathable underwear. A clean pair of soft cotton underwear each day can help ensure a very clean, breathable area for the penis. This helps avoid not only penis pimples, but other penis problems that might result from too much compression or irritation from rough fabrics.

4) Don’t use acne creams. Though it might be tempting to use over the counter acne creams on the penis, there are a few reasons this is not a good idea. First, they are designed for acne on thicker skin areas of the body - this means that the cream could easily burn or irritate the penis skin. In addition, they are designed to dry out the skin and remove the oil, which can spell disaster for penis skin, as it is more likely to dry or crack.

5) Visit the doctor. If penis pimples just won’t quit, visit the doctor to figure out what to do about them. It’s possible the doctor could provide medications or creams that are specifically designed for alleviating acne on the penis and other delicate areas.

There is also no harm in using a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . Look for a crème that contains Shea butter and vitamin E, both of which provide great hydration relief to the dry and irritated penis. Other vitamins, such as C, B5 and D, keep the penis skin in good shape.