Penile nerve damage can be a real show-stopper. In one sense, it can rob the penis of sensitivity, making even a one-man-show a no-go. In another sense, the pain and lightening of it can make a man stop dead in his tracks from the pain. Damaged nerves in the penis can not only lead to a lot of unhappy outcomes but it can also be different from man to man, so figuring out what is causing numbness or fiery tingles can make a man think about the worst-case scenarios. Here are a few of the most common symptoms of penile nerve damage, what may cause them, and then how to treat and prevent damaged nerves in the penis.

Damaged Nerves in the Penis: Symptoms and Signs

Penile nerve damage can feel different depending on the person and situation. The most common signs of damaged nerves in the penis are a loss of sensitivity in the member, numbness, and a lack of reaction when stroked or touched. However, those aren’t the only signifiers of penile nerve damage. Men can also experience a tingling feeling that can intensify into a “pins and needles” sensation, burning or chilling and a bluish color.

Damaged Nerves in the Penis: Common Causes

Penile nerve damage can be caused by a host of things; sometimes it’s even caused by more than one factor (such as obesity and age) which makes it harder to reverse until underlying factors are dealt with.

1) Penile Trauma – The world often looks to the mighty phallus as a symbol of strength and an instrument of conquering. However, the penis is actually quite delicate and can be injured easily. Repeated traumas to the penis cause scar tissue which is the enemy of sensitivity. A few activities that can lead to penile trauma are sex, intense workouts, excessive and rough masturbation, cycling, chafing, and over or improper use of adult sensual aids.

2) Age – As men hit 40, they may find their libido wane slightly and a loss of sensation in their penis. Erections are dependent on blood flow. The blood vessels that direct blood flow in and out of the penis slow with age.

3) Obesity – Too much weight literally weighs on the pelvic floor and can lead to nerve damage. Those men who hold weight in their core area are especially at risk.

4) Low Testosterone or “Low T” – This cause is very common for men over 40. As men age, testosterone levels decline and result in diminished drive and loss of sensation during sex.

5) Nerve Damaging Diseases – Nerve damaging diseases such as diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, lupus, HIV, Lyme Disease, Peyronie’s Disease, and Hepatitis C can affect the penis. These diseases are all linked to neuropathy. Sometimes medications used to treat these disease states can cause numbness or make the tingling sensation worse.

Damaged Nerves in the Penis: Treatment and Prevention

Penile nerve damage can be reversed in many cases. That said, if nerve damage is the result of something like obesity, disease, or Low T, it’s best to treat the root cause of the issue first to promote optimal health before dealing with symptoms. This can be losing weight, trying new medications or lifestyle changes, or taking testosterone to bring the body to a harmonious place. Some men will choose to take a medication that improves their sensitivity once they address the bigger issues.

Prevention should be a priority for all men, regardless of age. Protect the tender member when engaging in sex or competitive sports. Men who cycle should alter seat angles and implement padded things such as seats or shorts to reduce pressure on the penis.

Men should also be sure they are practicing regular penile health and hygiene. Create a foundation based on giving the penis regular thorough, gentle cleansing with a mild cleanser and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and dry. Then use a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to keep the penis strong and ready for action. This crème is particularly helpful as it contains vital ingredients designed specifically for penis health like vitamins A, C, D and E, and L-Carnitine which protects against peripheral nerve damage, which is all contained in a natural Shea butter base. Men can expect not only hydration but the ultimate in penile skin care.