When a man is paying close attention to penis health and attending to proper penis care on a daily basis, he’s usually very quick to spot problems. In most cases, those problems are as simple as dry penis skin or other easily-remedied issues - nothing that a little good penis health crème can’t fix! But some issues are much more concerning and require more attention, such as developing a varicocele.

What’s a varicocele?

As every man knows, there are a lot of blood vessels that run through the penis, scrotum and surrounding areas. This rich blood flow allows for better penis health and regular erections. A varicocele develops when the veins in the scrotum widen and fill up with blood that doesn’t readily drain out as it should. This can result in a variety of problems, including long-term issues if a guy doesn’t visit a doctor as soon as he notices a varicocele.

Varicoceles occur in about 25 percent of men and usually show up between the ages of 13 and 30. Though no one is certain of the cause, it seems that many men - up to 70 percent - have a defect in the veins that prevent them from allowing blood to drain as it should. Other factors might include obesity, wearing restrictive clothing, physical injury, swollen lymph nodes or having a high level of fat in the blood.

Symptoms of a varicocele are hard to miss, as they come on rather quickly and become severe. These include enlarged veins in the scrotum (usually easy to see), swelling, lumps in the scrotum, shrinking testicles, and a deep, aching pain that makes a man’s pelvis feel "full" or "heavy." Infertility can also be a symptom, though most men notice other symptoms well before they run into the problem of being unable to father children.

What to do about it?

A man who notices a varicocele should visit his doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will want to screen for any underlying issues with the blood vessels and veins, as well as treat the varicocele itself. The proper treatment is usually surgery - however, a man shouldn’t be worried about the procedure itself, as it tends to be very simple and quick. It’s important to know, however, that many men require numerous surgeries over the course of their lifetime to treat various varicoceles, and that can eventually mean problems with the nerves that create penis sensation.

It’s also important for a guy to take lifestyle factors into account. He should make a point of wearing only comfortable clothing, never anything too tight, and lose weight if he is carrying extra pounds. He should also check out certain herbs that can enhance blood flow, such as horse-chestnut extract, bilberry, butcher’s broom or gotu kola. Supplements of vitamin C and E can also help maintain the health of the veins.

Whether a man has a problem with his veins or not, it pays to have some insurance against problems, and that means paying very close attention to good penis care. One integral part of that care is a daily penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A man should reach for a crème that contains vitamin E, known for keeping skin supple but also a great benefit to blood vessels and veins. Something that contains vitamin C is also great, as this vitamin strengthens vein walls. Another excellent ingredient for those undergoing variococele surgery is alpha lipoic acid, which battles against free radicals and helps preserve the nerve function of the penis and surrounding area.