Most men experience common penis health issues from time to time, such as dry penis skin, red penis, penis rash, soreness of the penis, and penis itching or irritation and diminished penis sensitivity. While these problems are generally treatable, they can cause discomfort that cannot be ignored. The good news is that daily treatment of the penis skin with moisturizing crèmes or oils containing penis vitamins and minerals can help to prevent most of these issues and keep the sensitive skin of the penis smooth, supple, and responsive to stimulation. Some of the important health benefits provided by penis vitamins and other nutrients are described here.

Eliminate dry, flaking, itchy penis skin – Frequent dry masturbation, cleansing products, and the spermicides often found in condoms can dry the skin, causing flaking, irritation, and an unattractive appearance. If left untreated, dry skin can become calloused, leading to an eventual loss in penis sensation. Shea butter and vitamin E are highly effective natural moisturizers that can penetrate the outer dermal layers and promote soft, smooth, supple skin that appears youthful and healthy.

Enhance penis sensitivity and restore lost penis sensation – Many men experience noticeable loss of penis sensitivity over time. Rough handling from frequent masturbation or aggressive sex can dull the nerve endings, as well as toughen the skin of the penis; in addition, circulatory issues such as damaged blood vessels or reduced blood flow can cause a loss of sensation. Amino acids such as acetyl L carnitine, alpha lipoic acid and L arginine, as well as vitamin B5, are known to promote healing, increase blood flow to the penis, and improve penile sensation by helping to repair damaged nerve cells.

Soothe redness and rash – Red penis skin and rash can result from dry skin or from bacterial or fungal infections. Boosting the body’s ability to fight off disease with important nutrients such as vitamins C and D can help to keep the skin of the penis healthy and prevent minor infections. In addition, applying a moisturizing crème or oil containing vitamins E and A can improve the appearance and texture of the skin’s surface.

Heal sore and irritated penis skin – The penis skin is easily irritated, especially in the presence of chemical cleansers and detergents, friction from overly-restrictive clothing, or even the bodily fluids of sexual partners. Irritated skin can easily develop microscopic cracks and fissures, which lead to further irritation and discomfort and may detract from the enjoyment of sex. Vitamin A, which is found in many healing crèmes and lotions, is known for its healing properties; it can restore and rejuvenate damaged tissue and enhance the appearance of the skin.


To avoid common penis problems and promote overall penis health, it is important to maintain good eating habits, exercise regularly, and keep up-to-date with periodic health checks; in addition, men of all ages should limit their alcohol consumption, avoid tobacco products, and choose sexual partners with care.

Supplementing the daily penis care regimen with penis-specific vitamins and minerals can also promote optimum penis health. However, taking over-the counter vitamins seldom benefits the skin of the penis, as these substances are generally absorbed by the internal organs or eliminated as waste products. A nutrient-rich penis health crèmes (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that is specifically designed to be applied directly to the penis skin can ensure that the sensitive dermal tissue of the penis receives the full benefits of rejuvenating and healing penis vitamins and minerals. All natural treatments that are free of fragrances, dyes and other chemicals are the best bet when it comes to maintaining a healthy penis.