Every guy masturbates, and despite the warnings he may have received from his well-meaning but misguided elders, getting off is generally beneficial. It can be a fantastic way to de-stress and deal with anxiety; and men who are familiar with their own bodies are more likely to give pleasure to a partner. By and large, masturbation is a safe practice, and most men tend to keep it simple and straightforward. However, there are those who, for whatever reason, may decide to attempt an exotic maneuver or technique that could land them in trouble and have serious repercussions on their long-term penis health. Some of the most unfortunate fapping fails that have led to emergency room visits are described here. These should absolutely NOT be attempted at home.

1. Strangulation - Take the man who decided to engulf his penis in a plastic soda bottle. He inserted his flaccid tool through the neck of the bottle. When he became erect, the bottle constricted the base of his penis, and the blood that had flooded the shaft became trapped inside. As a result, his erection could not subside, and the unfortunate gentleman was forced to head to the emergency room, bottle and all. Luckily, doctors were able to remove the bottle (somehow or other), and the strangled penis did return to its normal size in this case. The damage could have been much worse, however; trapping blood in the penis can starve the tissue of oxygen, leading to cell death and possible loss of function.

2. Sounding - This unusual technique is more common than the general public might think, but it is certainly dangerous and is never a good idea. Sounding refers to the practice of inserting something - a wire, a steel or glass rod, or whatever - into the urethra during masturbation. In one instance, a man who inserted a wire into his urethra managed to push it in so far that the wire coiled in his bladder and had to be surgically removed. Fortunately, this patient made it out of surgery without any lasting effects, but inserting anything into the penis can result in punctures, pain and infection.

3. Ruptures - While the penis cannot technically break, it is possible to rupture the corpora cavernosa, the erectile chambers in the shaft of the penis. In some cases, rough partner sex has been blamed for ruptured tissue; but the vast majority of cases are the result of extreme whacking. In other words, a guy was pulling and tugging on his own junk so hard and so fast that he managed to pop the connective tissue surrounding the erectile chambers. This condition can be extraordinarily painful (of course) and can also result in leaking of fluids out of the erectile chambers. Surgical intervention may be needed to correct the problem.

4. Gangrene - As horrible as it sounds, cases have been reported where men masturbated so hard, and so often, that they created microscopic tears or fissures in the skin. Invading bacteria took advantage of the exposed tissue, and failure to treat the resulting infection lead to gangrene. At least one patient had to endure months of painful treatments, which included skin grafts, to restore the skin of his penis.

Healing and protection for stressed penile skin

Even men who keep it simple when it comes to masturbation can experience unpleasant aftereffects like irritation and bruising, not to mention rough-looking, sore penis skin. Giving the penis time to heal between sessions is advisable, but since the average guy might find this impossible, there are two steps he can take to address the damage.

First, a personal lubricant should be used on every occasion. Unlike lotions and other household products that men might use, a water-based lubricant is not quickly absorbed into the skin; as a result, the surface stays slicker longer, which means less chances of irritating the delicate skin.

Second, a high-quality moisturizer should be used on a daily basis to minimize damage, speed healing, and prevent loss of sensation related to over-use of the tool. A top-drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that is enriched with vitamins and other penis-specific nutrients is ideal, because it is designed specifically for the needs of the penile tissue. Applying a crème like this once or twice daily can have significant benefits in terms of penis health and sensation.