Engaging in a little masturbation is a favorite pastime of many a man. Some guys masturbate more than others, which is perfectly fine. Every guy has his own specific sexual needs and preferred outlets, and as long as it doesn’t negatively impact penis care, that’s fine. But there are times when masturbation becomes "procrasturbation" - masturbating as a way of putting off doing something else. When exactly does masturbation become procrasturbation? And more importantly, is it necessarily a bad thing?


As is often the case when dealing with masturbation-related issues, coming up with hard and fast rules and definitions can be difficult when it comes to procrasturbation. As a matter of fact, some people use a definition of procrasturbation that doesn’t include masturbation at all; instead, they define it as getting a feeling of great euphoria simply from putting off doing a difficult or daunting task.

But more people probably consider procrasturbation to mean engaging in the act of masturbation as a way to put off starting on or completing a difficult task or facing a challenging problem. For example, a college student perhaps has an important paper that needs to get done, but rather than focus on that, he surfs through his favorite porn sites for an hour and focuses on rubbing his penis.

Procrasturbation can be a "one off" situation, such as that just described, or it can be something more chronic - and may occur in somewhat subtle ways. For example, perhaps a man is aware that something about his relationship with his girl friend is causing some anxiety. Every time these feelings of anxiousness arise, rather than explore them, he decides to masturbate, after which the feelings of anxiety have gone away - for a while at least. In such cases, he is using masturbation to avoid dealing with feelings he identifies as unpleasant - and he may not even be aware that he is doing so.

Good or bad

So is procrasturbation then a bad thing? It really depends upon the individual person and the individual situation.

Consider again the case of the college student who masturbates rather than start on an important paper. If after masturbating he decides it’s time to go out and get a few beers with his pals, rather than start on the paper, then his procrasturbation seems to be part of a pattern to avoid work that needs to get done.

But it could be that after masturbating, he feels much less tension and anxiety. He may be able to think more clearly and be in a better frame of mind to collect his thought and begin work, in which case his procrasturbation would have been beneficial.

It’s a little harder to make the case that the second example of procrasturbation is beneficial, as the man clearly seems to be using masturbation to avoid facing a problem. But it is possible that this person is simply not at a place in his life when he can comfortably confront relationship issues. In general, however, using masturbation as an excuse to avoid problems which can and should be addressed is not the best approach.

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