"Sexual relations" in terms of couples typically refers to intercourse, but the truth is that it can encompass much more, including mutual masturbation. For the adventurous couple, mutual masturbation can be an excellent way to expand their sexual horizons (especially when they keep in mind appropriate vagina and penis care). Sometimes, however the experience may be more mutual than other times.

Coming to terms

While it may seem that defining mutual masturbation should be easy, the fact is that not everyone would agree on its definition. For example, many people would agree that mutual masturbation could mean two people engaged in sexual relations in which one is actively masturbating the other while simultaneously being masturbated by the partner. (And, of course, this definition could also apply to such a shared activity between more than two people.)

However, suppose the masturbation is not simultaneous but serial? That is to say, "person one" masturbates "person two" until orgasm, then person two returns the favor with person one? To some, this might not meet their definition of mutual masturbation.

Similarly, there can be a situation in which person one masturbates himself while person two simultaneously masturbates herself. Or a situation may arise in which a man masturbates to completion while his partner watches, then in turn he watches as his partner pleasures herself.

To some, each of these instances would qualify as mutual masturbation, while to others only one or some would.

Unequal effort

The above examples deal with situations in which the definition is in question. More problematic are situations in which the effort going into the masturbation is not quite as mutual as it might be. For example:

- Tired out. One partner may be brought to orgasm quickly by the other, achieving a state of great satisfaction. However, the sated partner may then profess to be a bit tired or to have a sore hand and may suggest the still-aroused partner bring about a release on his or her own.

- Roughing it. On occasion, one partner may not know the appropriate way to handle the other partner. A woman may pound relentlessly on a tool, gripping far too tightly and not using any lubrication. Conversely, a man may rush his fingers into a woman without properly preparing the way or may rub in an aggressive, unpleasant manner that causes soreness rather than sexy sensations.

- Too nice and easy. Of course, the reverse can also be true. A person may handle the other's equipment too gingerly. A gentle touch is nice, but a certain amount of friction is needed, especially where men are concerned.

- A bit of waffling. And on occasion, a partner may go back and forth between deciding whether mutual masturbation is right for them or not. There's nothing wrong with changing one's mind, of course, but a partner can still get frustrated in such a situation.

If a couple is good at communication, these issues can easily be resolved by telling the other partner what feels good or discussing the best way that the couple should proceed.

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