Size matters. Or does it?

It’s easy to get swept up in worrying about what women may or may not prefer in terms of penis size. But the reality of it is that women are interested in much more than just the size of a man’s penis. Girth, appearance and health all play into how women evaluate their mate. Here’s what every man needs to know about how women view their penis.

What Actually is The Ideal Size?

It’s important to note here that size isn’t the most important component of the penis, according to many women. On the other hand, a University of California and University of New Mexico study from 2015 found that the preferred penis size for women was 6.3 inches for regular partners and 6.4 inches for one-night encounters. For some women, this matters quite a bit: 61 percent of women in a recent study claimed they had rejected an intimate advance because of a small penis.

But, at least for American women, that may be actually be expecting a little too much. In the United States, the average penis size was five inches, more than a full inch below the preferred length. Even the global average is just 5.5 inches. If you’re less than five inches, though, not to worry; there are plenty of other things that women care about when it comes to a man’s penis. Here are a few of those things:

- Overall Appearance . Not surprisingly, women are just as interested in the "complete package" than length. A healthy-looking, clean penis outranked a larger, less healthy-looking member in a recent study conducted by the University of Zurich. In fact, in said study, overall appearance was the most important factor in accessing an attractive penis.

- Hair Down There. In the same Swiss study, the second-most important factor for women was the presence of hair. Women were much more interested in a tastefully groomed nether-region than something completely untamed or excessively trimmed. Luckily, no matter their penis size, this is an easy factor for men to control. Regular washing with a mild soap and trimming the hair in the area will ensure that any woman will be happy with what she finds.

- Girth. Many women find girth to be a much more important factor in a man’s penis than length. A recent study conducted by the SPAN lab in California found that women more often opted for girth rather than length when identifying an ideal penis. Women’s preference for this likely stems from their own anatomy, which benefits more from a wider penis than a longer one when it comes to intimate situations. Some surveys have shown that women prefer a penis circumference to be about five inches.

- Healthy Skin. The penis skin is also an important factor for women. A chafed penis is unsightly to women, as are any red rashes, sore or bumps. Be sure to stay ahead of any skin abnormalities on the penis. If one is present, contact a medical professional or apply a home regimen of care to reduce symptoms.

With such an emphasis on elements besides penis size, it’s important to be sure to take care of your member as best you can. One way to ensure a healthy appearance is to regularly apply a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). When selecting a crème, look out for beneficial ingredients such as vitamin E, vitamin C and shea butter. Another excellent additive to look for is vitamin A, which has anti-bacterial properties that can help decrease unwanted and persistent penis odor.