Being able to proudly exhibit a healthy penis makes a guy feel good about himself; putting on display a wrinkled penis, on the other hand, makes a man hesitant to expose his tool to the light. Keeping one’s penis looking handsome and healthy requires proper attention to penis health, a subject too many men seem to neglect.

Wrinkled shaft

Every guy has some wrinkles on his penis, especially when flaccid. The way the penis is constructed, this is unavoidable.

The penis is longer when erect than when flaccid; this is simply a fact of life. Even when one is a "show-er" (a person with a penis that is fairly long even when soft) rather than a "grower" (a man whose penis is fairly short when flaccid, even if it becomes quite long when erect), there is still some "extra" skin to the shaft when it is soft. If there wasn’t some degree of extra skin, the organ wouldn’t be able to expand. Sometimes the skin bunches up a little, making the shaft appear somewhat wrinkled.

Wrinkled glans

However, wrinkling is not restricted to the shaft of the penis; sometimes, a man looks down at his tool to discover that the glans has become wrinkled as well, and it is this wrinkling that often causes a man embarrassment.

And with good cause. Wrinkling is associated in the popular mind with old age and infirmity, and the last association a man wants made with his penis is that it is old and infirm - especially when it is first being presented to a new partner.


Some men may feel that they are in possession not of a wrinkled penis glans but of one that has "stripes." It is true that the wrinkling here appears more like small lines or cracks than the slight folds typically associated with wrinkling, so using the word "striped" or "lined" may make a man feel more comfortable. But the change in nomenclature does not make the lines disappear.


Why do these wrinkles appear in the otherwise healthy penis of even a young man? Although wrinkling is associated with senior years, the wrinkles on the glans are not brought about by aging; rather, these lines come about due to normal wear and tear.

Starting in adolescence, the penis gets handled a great deal. Puberty leads to a significant increase in masturbation and later to sexual activity involving partners. Even though pre-pubescent boys will fondle their penises, they rarely do so with the frequency and abandon that occurs after the ability to ejaculate is gained.

This increase in the amount of sexual activity by itself puts the glans at risk of damage. When one adds in sexual activity (especially masturbation) without appropriate lubrication or activity that is overly aggressive or enthusiastic, the potential for damage increases substantially.

The penis responds to this damage by increasing collagen production, which in turns creates the wrinkles that may soon appear on the glans.


Fortunately, the wrinkles can be treated relatively easily through a two-step process.

First, it helps to apply a hot towel to the penis, though not so hot as to cause damage. Wrapping this around the tool for a few minutes will allow the heat to massage the tool and prepare the skin for action.

Second, the wrinkled penis can be treated with a top-drawer penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). This treatment should occur immediately after the heated towel has been removed; it should also be applied to the penis regularly each day in order to provide ongoing health maintenance to the member. A man should select a cream that includes ingredients with proven moisturizing capability, such as Shea butter and vitamin E. In addition, he wants to make sure that the blood flow to the penis is ample, as good circulation aids the healing process; a cream that includes L-arginine helps to boost nitric oxide production, which in turn aids in blood flow. Following these two steps can help transform a wrinkled tool into a healthy penis.