Stress is hardly something new under the sun, but the degree of stress the average person feels nowadays is almost certainly higher than in years past. It’s a fast-paced world in which personal and professional stakes can be very high, so it’s natural (if very unfortunate) that stress levels tend to be elevated among so many people. And as if stress by itself isn’t bad enough, guys need to realize that stress can contribute to a penis health issue - namely, penis odor. Yes, feeling stressed out can add to that unwanted reek emanating from a guy’s trousers.

Stress is prevalent

How big an issue is stress? According to the American Institute of Stress, 75% of all visits to a physician are for stress-related complaints and 20% of Americans report feeling "extreme stress." And the American Psychological Association reports that money, work and family are the top stressors for individuals surveyed.

As most people who have experienced stress know, it is also accompanied by an increased rate of perspiration. Now, sweat by itself does not create odor. Theoretically, a person could be drenched in sweat and still smell fresh as a daisy - provided there weren’t any bacteria around to start breaking it down, which is what causes the aroma issue.

Interestingly, not all sweat is created equal when it comes to attracting bacteria. Obviously, there are certainly areas of the body where sweat tends to create a stench - the penis and balls, the armpits, the feet. But when a little sweat is trickling down the leg, say, it tends not to stink up the joint in the same way.

Why should that be? Basically it’s because of the specific glands that create sweat in the penis and other "odiferous" areas. These are apocrine glands, and the sweat they produce includes a milky fluid which is basically catnip to bacteria. They descend on that particular sweat and have a real feast. And it’s these glands that are often overproducing when stress levels are high.

The penis odor situation isn’t helped by the fact that the organ lies beneath (typically) two layers of clothing, creating more heat (and therefore more sweat) and trapping the odor in an enclosed space. This makes it more concentrated - and more assertive when it gets released.

Lower stress

Men whose penis odor may be impacted by stress sweat need to take steps to decrease their stress levels - both for the penis odor issue and for the larger issues (such as high blood pressure) that accompany stress.

Among the methods recommended for reducing stress are:

- Meditation. Spending time quietly concentrating on basic meditation techniques is a proven stress reducer for millions of people.

- Exercise. Physical activity often provides a physical outlet for the stress people are holding inside. Ironically, of course, exercise may also produce sweat, but it may be an appropriate trade-off for those who are highly stressed. And some forms of exercise, such as yoga, are both especially good at lowering stress and not as prone to inducing high levels of sweat.

- Reading. Spending time in a quiet room with a good book often makes a person feel they are in another - and much less stressful - world.

- Laughing. Studies have demonstrated that the simple act of laughing can help keep stress down.

- Masturbation. Spending a little "me" time releases hormones that can relax a guy and keep anxiety down.

Reducing stress helps fight penis odor, but so does regularly using a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . It’s crucial that the crème includes vitamin A among its ingredients. Also known as retinol, vitamin A has anti-bacterial properties that can help diminish unwanted penis odor. The crème should also include vitamin D, which supports healthy cellular function, especially during the dark winter months - a time when some people feel anxiety and stress due to lack of sunlight.