Penis Bumps May Be from Manscaping

January 17, 2019

Manscaping – shaving the hair on and around the penis and balls has become much more common in recent years. Some men like to manscape for purely aesthetic reasons, as they (or their partners) believe it makes their penis look even better. Some men get into manscaping for more practical reasons. For example, a partner may be object to giving oral sex because the hairs get in their mouth, or all of the hair may make the crotch too hot, causing excess sweating and adding to penis odor. In general, manscaping has no penis health issues, provided one practices enough care with the razor. But in some cases, it may lead to penis bumps – in a roundabout way.

Why penis bumps?

Why should shaving the thatch of hair on and around the penis and balls bring about penis bumps? There are a couple of reasons.

One, sometimes the skin is irritated by the shaving process or is allergic to one or more of the shaving products used. In most cases or skin irritation, keeping the skin moisturized will help the irritation to go away within a few days – sometimes a few hours. The same is true of minor allergic reactions to shaving products. If the reaction persists for several days, it’s a good idea to see a doctor. Many people experience these reactions from their first go at manscaping but don’t for subsequent shaves; others may find that these penis bumps come about each time they shave.

Two, often the bumps that result around the midsection from manscaping are due to ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs can happen at any place on the body, not just in the crotch. And while they can occur naturally, more frequently they are the result of shaving.


After a hair has been shaved, it starts to grow again, usually poking onto the skin and growing upwards. But sometimes the hair will start curling back before it breaks through the surface and continue growing underneath the skin. (This is more common with pubic hair, which tends to be coarse and curly to begin with.)

As it grows beneath the skin, the body interprets it as a foreign object that isn’t supposed to be there. Swelling, redness, itching and sometimes pain result – and the combination of the hair growing underneath the surface and the body’s response to it creates the penis bumps.


Most of the time ingrown hairs resolve on their own, but if they are persistent, a guy may need to do something about them. Dermatologists recommend that the first step is to stop manscaping – at least in the area where the bumps are occurring. Continuing to shave over ingrown hairs will simply irritate the area.

A guy can also apply a warm compress to the area, which can soothe it and also help pores to open up so an escape route may become available for the hair. When the hair starts to peep out, use tweezers to grasp it and try to pull more of the ingrown portion out into the open. Keep the area well moisturized.

If the ingrown hair has become infected, a doctor may prescribe a steroid cream or an antibiotic.

Penis bumps from manscaping are an annoyance and can sometimes cause itching and soreness. Regular use of a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help make a difference. Selecting a crème with a combination of moisturizing agents, such as vitamin E and shea butter, can help keep the skin properly hydrated, which also diminishes itchiness and soreness in the area. The crème should also include vitamin A, the properties of which can help to gently clear away dead skin cells, better enabling ingrown hairs to break through the surface.


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