Sex Tips: Look to the Light

September 18, 2019

So many lists of sex tips focuses on the sexual act itself – positions to try, locations to investigate, communication during, etc. But some guys benefit from sex tips that come from a different place, such as those that focus on how to improve penis health or keep testosterone levels up or aid in achieving erections. There are many sex tips to sort through, but the ones that follow all focus on the role that light may play in penis activity. No thanks are necessary – shedding light on all things related to the penis is our pleasure.

The penis and light

Although every guy’s penis is different, and every potential sexual situation has many different variables all at play at one time, it does appear that the amount of light a man is exposed to can have an impact on his sex drive. Studies have been conducted to examine this. For example, one study looked at men whose sex drives were operating in low gear. They exposed some of these men to “light therapy” sessions every day; the others were just exposed to whatever light they normally would have received during the day. The men in the light therapy experienced a noticeable increase in their sex drive.

Less studied by the scientific community but promoted by some non-medical sources is the possible role of red or infrared light on the penis. Because there is some correlation between red and infrared light and the creation of both carbon dioxide and nitric oxide (which play roles in allow greater blood flow. Including in penile blood vessels), as well as in the production of testosterone, some individuals recommend the use of red light therapy – basically, focusing a red light source on the penis and balls – on men to increase sex drive and performance. It’s an interesting idea, if one that has not really been studied much.

Get to the light

Basically, proper light exposure is good for as guy’s health in general, as well as for his penis health. It’s invaluable for proper testosterone production and often time spent in sunlight or simulated sunlight involves exercise, which also is important for penis health. Especially during the “darker” months of winter, getting enough light is important – so our sex tips include the following:

- Take it outside. Find time during the day to spend 20-30 minutes in the sunlight. If possible, bring a bag lunch and eat outdoors, then walk around for a while. If meetings are nearby, walk instead of driving or riding to them. If the day includes reading a long report, sit outside and soak up a few rays while absorbing the report.

- Get active. Throw a football with a buddy. Shoot hoops by yourself. Join your girl friend for a tennis match. Even just weeding the garden can expose a guy to sunlight and keep his muscles busy.

- Go artificial. When natural sunlight isn’t available, consider high intensity lamps or even focus red light therapy directly on the penis and balls. But in either case, consult with a doctor to determine how much exposure is safe before attempting it.

As with any sex tips, the use of light is just part of a multi-faceted strategy, one which also includes maintaining penis health at an optimum, level – and that strategy should also include daily application of a first class penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Of special interest in nay crème is the inclusion of L-arginine in the ingredients. This amino acid plays a large role in producing nitric oxide, which as was mentioned earlier plays a role in allowing penile blood vessels better flow. In addition, penis health is enhanced by the presence of alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect penile cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals.


Intertrigo Can Mean an Itchy Penis

September 18, 2019

A guy may think that an itchy penis is meant to be scratched, but most women on a date with him would disagree – which is one reason why keeping an itchy penis away is crucial, along with the fact that sometimes an itchy penis indicates a penis health problem. The kinds of itchiness and the reasons for that itchiness can be many and varied; one of the less common reasons is something called intertrigo. To learn more about it, simply read on.

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5 Things Your Penis is Telling You About Your Health

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There are many ways to gauge one’s overall health. Annual exams, x-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans are one way to go. The new ager may read their tongue, toss the runes, or have their aura cleansed. One sure-fire barometer of a man’s health happens to be his one-eyed snake. A man’s penis can tell him a lot about his health outside of just penis health. Here are five signals your penis may be sending you that something is not quite right inside.

Penis Signal #1: Soft is the New Hard

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Some Penis Problems Can Tell a Man Some Things About Himself

September 16, 2019

What sits on two magic eight balls and can tell a man his health horoscope? His penis. It is the ultimate divining rod as to what is going on in a man's body. Every bend, curve, bump, or out-of-the-ordinary actions can be telling a man that all is not right in Denmark and that he needs to see the doctor. Of course, not everything is serious. In fact, many things can be cleared up or managed. Let’s kick it off with what penis problems may be telling a man.

Penis of a Thousand Colors

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Pornography Could Encourage Erectile Dysfunction

September 16, 2019

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Here Are Some Ways to Get a Fresh, Handsome Penis

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Every man wants a handsome penis, one that would play the leading man in a movie and make the ladies swoon – but how can he get it? It’s easy, and it all circles around penis health and grooming. Do just a few simple things every day and banish penis odor and unsightliness. Now here’s the best part: Once the man garden is beautifully aromatic and in bloom, visitors will love to drop by. Here are five easy tips for manifesting a truly handsome penis.

#1: Wash Up

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Fabry Disease May Produce Penis Bumps

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Some Sure-Fire Strategies to Straighten Up Weak Erections

September 12, 2019

There are few things more frustrating for a man than a weak erection. When the wind is out of his sail, a man can feel very angry, confused, and bad about himself. However, over 50 percent of men have issues with erectile function at some point in their lives, so don’t get down – get solutions instead. Here are seven ways a man can raise his erection from the dead.

#1: Lose the Spare Tire

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